Writing Exchange

The core of the learning in Expos comes from the writing exchange. As your writing teacher, I am less like a doctor running tests to evaluate you (i.e., do you know the knowledge imparted in lectures?), and more like a coach who works with you over time to develop skills in preparation for the game (the “game” being your graded essays). Sometimes the class will work together as a team. Sometimes you and I will work one-on-one to hone your strengths and improve your skills. The writing exchange is your opportunity to test out ideas, receive feedback on what works well and what needs improvement, and see examples of good writing in action (as well as writing that needs further revision). This work is best done with specific examples - concrete examples from your classmates and former students - not by me giving you rules and you trying to follow them. The hope is that you can transfer the thinking you’re doing with others’ writing to strategies for your own.