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Harvard Scholar Weighs in on The Tragedy of Macbeth
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To be or not to be
To Be Or Not To Be: Dean's Hamlet

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Thor 029: How Much Shakespeare Can We Cram Into This Minute?
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Making Shakespeare Feel Relevant

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“That foul defacer of God’s handiwork": Bodies in the Hebrew Bible and Richard III — With Dr. Jeffrey R. Wilson
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Jeffrey Wilson: Henry VI, Part 3: Act 3, Scene 2

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Falstaff: Hero or Villain?

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Jeffrey Wilson on Shakespeare, Ethics and Game of Thrones
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To Be Trump, or Not: What Shakespeare Tells Us About the Last Five Years
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Biden offers a message of resilience
Biden Offers a Message of Resilience in America's ‘Winter of Peril’

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Shakespeare and Game of Thrones
Shakespeare and Game of Thrones


The Final Weekend of the Trump White House
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Shakespeare and Game of Thrones: A Conversation with Jeffrey Wilson ’12
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Shakes of Thrones

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Trump’s Final Days of Rage and Denial

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Bard of Thrones: The Wooden O and the Iron Throne
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Jeff Wilson Discusses Teaching Writing Online at Harvard University
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Shakespeare and Trump

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Jeffrey Wilson ('12) on Shakespeare and Trump

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5 Shakespeare Scholars on the Past, Present, and Future of Theater Amid COVID-19
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Interview with Harvard Professor Jeffrey Wilson

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Shakespeare and Trump

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You Must Re-Think This: What The Bard Tells Us About Broken Windows and Policing