Shakespeare Across the Disciplines

The Huntington Library
What Shakespeare Can Teach Us About…

The Rasmussen-Hines Collection
An Oral History of Public Shakespeare

Emerging Scholar Keynote at Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference
Teaching The Show Must Go Online - with Robert Myles

Plenary Address at BritGrad
Toward a Center for Public Shakespeare


Public Humanities and Pathways Toward - with Maria Devlin McNair

Harvard Renaissance Colloquium

Reading King Lear at "Fourscore and Upwards"

Harvard College Class of 1955 65th Reunion
The Tragedy of Donald Trump, According to Shakespeare

Keynote Address at the 18th Annual New England Undergraduate Shakespeare Conference
Shakespeare’s Invention of Stigma: Richard’s Deformity, Aaron’s Race, Faulconbridge’s Bastardy, and Beyond

MLA Annual Convention (2020)
What Shakespeare Scholars Can Learn from Theater-Makers About Public Engagement

PAMLA Annual Convention (2019)

Ophelia’s Songs: Moral Agency, Manipulation, and the Metaphor of Music in Hamlet
European Shakespeare Research Association
European Shakespeare Research Association Conference (2019)
Toward a Journal of the Public Humanities

North Eastern Public Humanities Symposium (2019)
The Anthropology of Audience in Shakespeare Studies
Anthropology of Audience in Shakespeare Studies
British Shakespeare Conference (2018)
Shakespeare for Cops

Hudson Strode Program in Renaissance Studies at the University of Alabama (2018)
Pluperfect Presentism

MLA Annual Convention (2018)
Public Shakespeareanism: The Bard in the 2016 American Presidential Election

Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference (2017)
Shakestats: Writing About Shakespeare Between the Humanities and the Social Sciences

MLA Annual Convention (2017)

Villainy and Complicity in Drama, Television, and Politics: Shakespeare’s Richard III, House of Cards, and the 2016 US Election

Lowell High School (2017)
Shakespeare and Trump

Moses Greeley Parker Lectures (2017)
Shakespeare on the Classics, Shakespeare as a Classic: A Reading of Aeneas’s Tale to Dido

British Shakespeare Conference (2016)
Why Shakespeare? Irony and Liberalism in the Canonization Process

British Shakespeare Conference  (2016)
Shakespeare Across the Curriculum

Gallaudet University (2016)
“To be, or not to be": Shakespeare Against Philosophy

University of Hertfordshire (2016)
“To be, or not to be": Shakespeare Against Philosophy

University of Poitiers (2016)
Stigma as Drama, Stigma as Rhetoric: From Shakespeare to Goffman and Back and then Forward

ACLA Annual Convention (2016)
The Figure of Stigma in Shakespeare’s Drama

Harvard Renaissance Colloquium
Stigma in Shakespeare

Case Western Reserve University (2014)
The Figure of Stigma in Shakespeare's 3 Henry VI: Abnormality, Villainy, Irony, Tragicomedy

Renaissance Society of America Annual Meeting (2013)
The Ugly Truth: Thersites and the Satire of the Poetomachia

MLA Annual Convention (2012)

Deforming Richard III in the Sixteenth Century: The Rhetoric of Disfigurement up to Shakespeare’s 2 Henry VI

Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Conference (2011)
Richard’s Deformities

University of California, Irvine (2011)
Shylock's Nose

University of California, Irvine (2011)
The Advent and the Adventure: The Poetics of Imperfection in Revelation and The Faerie Queene

MLA Annual Convention (2011)
The Unnatural Age of Margaret: Antiquating the Dramatic Ontology of Richard III

Rocky Mountain MLA Convention (2010)

Giving up the Ghost: Naturalizing the Supernatural and Staging the Causal Interpretation of Richard’s Deformity, 1777-1899

San Diego State University (2010)
How Milton Ought to Change After September 11: Samson Agonistes and Revenge Tragedy

University of California, Riverside (2010)

The Contingency of Virtue: Nominal Ethics and the Irony of Compliment in Chaucer's Religious Pilgrims

Concordia University (2010)
Anti-Figural Rhetoric and the Death of Physiognomy: Physical Deformity During the Philosophical Enlightenment

South Central Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Annual Meeting (2010)