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“Writing” is usually understood as the expression of thought. This book redefines “writing” as the thought process itself. Writing is not what you do with thought. Writing is thinking.


Better living through interpretation: that’s the promise of academic writing, which is a foundational course in most schools because it’s a foundational skill in life. Our world is full of things that need to be questioned, from ancient myths and historical events to current politics and the weird details of everyday life.


Based on his courses in the Writing Program at Harvard University, Jeffrey R. Wilson’s Academic Writing is a no-nonsense guide to the long and complex writing process. Packed with concrete examples, helpful visuals, and practical tips, the book is an essential guide for academic writing at the highest level. Empowering writers to be creators—not just consumers—of knowledge, Wilson shows how to develop perspective, ask questions, build ideas, and craft arguments that reveal new truths that the world needs to hear. Writers learn different strategies for articulating the implications of an argument—why it matters—and putting ideas in conversation with others by finding, reading, and incorporating scholarship. There are models for different ways to organize an essay and tips to make sentences snap with style. Emphasis is placed on developing ideas in constant conversation with others and on strengthening papers through multiple rounds of revision. 



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