Harvard Writing Resources

Harvard College Writing Program

The Harvard College Writing Program administers the required course Expos 20 as well as the elective introductory course Expos 10. The Program also provides a number of essential resources for Harvard undergraduate writers as well as for departmental faculty and teaching fellows who assign writing to undergraduates. The Program operates or sponsors many of the resources listed below.

Elements of Academic Argument

The cornerstone document of the Harvard College Writing Program, the “Elements of Academic Argument” provides an overview of the vocabulary that all Writing Program faculty and its affiliates use whether teaching an Expos course, working with faculty across campus, tutoring a student, or thinking about their own writing.

Harvard Guide to Using Sources

Designed by the Harvard College Writing Program, the Harvard Guide to Using Sources introduces students to the fundamentals of using sources in academic papers. It is a required text for all Expos courses.

Harvard College Writing Center

Part of the Harvard College Writing Program, the Writing Center is a place for Harvard undergraduates to get help with any aspect of their writing, from specific assignments to general writing skills. The Writing Center is staffed by trained undergraduate tutors who provide individual conferences to students working on any writing assignment. Appointments are available and recommended (they fill up in advance). Take special note of the English Grammar and Language Tutor for help with grammar, syntax, and mechanics. Also be aware of the Writing Center’s Strategies for Essay Writing. Finally, there is much good material on the Writing Center’s blog, called The Barker Underground.

Exposé Magazine

Exposé Magazine is the annual journal published by the Harvard College Writing Program. It features exemplary writing by both freshmen in Expos courses and undergraduates in other Harvard courses. Thanks to the journal’s digital format, readers can see annotations written on essays by members of the Writing Program and videos from faculty discussing their own writing.

Harvard Writes

HarvardWrites is a joint venture between the Harvard College Writing Program and the departments and schools represented on its site. Its goal is to help students break down scholarly writing into its fundamental elements. As such, it is a wonderful resource for working with the "Elements of Academic Argument."

Harvard Writing Project

Part of the Harvard College Writing Program, the Harvard Writing Project works primarily with faculty to promote writing instruction throughout Harvard College. At the same time, students should be aware of the Departmental Writing Fellows and the Writing Guides (both of which provide discipline-specific writing resources) that are available through the Writing Project.

Harvard Writers at Work

The Harvard Writers at Work lecture series focuses on the ways that writing by those at Harvard connects academic and professional work and the broader public. The events are primarily aimed at Harvard undergraduates, with a special interest in drawing in freshmen in order to inspire them at the outset of their education to see, no matter what their concentration, that writing matters and that they can create a writing life while in college and in their future careers. The series is co-sponsored by the Harvard College Writing Program, the Harvard Extension School Master’s Degree Program in Journalism, Harvard Review, the Nieman Foundation for Journalism, the Harvard College Program in General Education, and Harvard Business School Working Knowledge.