The Andronici in Early English Literature

The History of Titus Andronicus, the Renowned Roman General (16th-17th c.), anonymous trans. (London: C. Dicey, ca. 1760):

He cut off his hand to redeem their lives. (title)

How his fair Daughter Lavinia being ravish'd by the Empress's Sons, they cut out her Tongue, and Hands off, &c. (title)

At last the Queen designing to work her Revenge on Andronicus, sent the Moor in the Emperor’s Name, to tell him, if he designed to save his Sons from the Misery and Death that would ensue, he should cut off his right Hand and send it to Court….Laying his Hand on a Block, he gave the wicked Moor his Sword, who immediately struck it off, and inwardly laugh’d at the Villainy. (IV)

The first Thing they presented  him was his Hand, which they said would not be accepted; and the next was his three Sons beheaded. At this woful Sight, overcome with Grief, he fainted away on the dead Bodies; and when he recover’d again, he tore his hoary Hair. (IV)

Setting the Moor to watch on the outborders, [they] soon found her pensive and sorrowful, yet comely and beautiful in tears, when unawares, before she saw them, like two ravenous tigers, they seized the trembling lady, who struggles all she could and cried out piteously for help; and seeing what their wicked intentions bent at, she offered them her throat, desiring they would bereave her of her life, but not of her honour; however, in a villainous manner, staking her down by the hair of her head, and binding her hands behind her, they turned up her nakedness, and forced their way into her closet of chastity, taking it by turns. (V)

Calling the Moor to them, they asked his advice, who wickedly counseled them to make all sure, seeing they had gone thus far, by cutting out her tongue to hinder her telling tales, and her hands off to prevent her writing a discovery….And in this woeful condition they left the lady, who had expired for loss of blood, had not her uncle Marcus happened accidentally, soon after, to come in search of her. (V)

Andronicus cut their throats whilst Lavinia, by his command, held a bowl between her stumps to receive the blood. Then conveying the bodies home to his own house privately, he cut the flesh into fit pieces and ground the bones to powder, and made of them two mighty pasties, and invited the Emperor and Empress to dinner. (VI)