Chapter One
Violent Crime as Revenge Tragedy; Or, How Christopher Dorner Led Criminologists at CSU Long Beach to Shakespeare

Chapter Two
Shakespeare and Criminology

Chapter Three
Crime as Drama, Justice as Theatre

Chapter Four
“Redeeming time”: The Dramatization of Desistence in 1 Henry IV

Chapter Five
“More than a prison”: The Transformation of Deviance in The Tempest

Chapter Six
Hate Crimes in The Merchant of Venice: Folk Devils and Scapegoats

Chapter Seven
The Culture of Honor in Titus Andronicus: Rape, Racism, and Revenge

Chapter Eight
“When evil deeds have their permissive pass”: Broken Windows in Measure for Measure

Chapter Nine
Macbeth and Criminology

Chapter Ten
Shakespearean Due Process: Detection, Delay, and the Death Penalty in Hamlet

Chapter Eleven
The Hamlet Syndrome (with Henry F. Fradella)

Chapter Twelve
Something is Rotten in the United States of America:
Mass Shootings as Tragedy

Chapter Thirteen
Criminal Justice as Comedy

Chapter Fourteen
Shakespeare for Cops