1. Introduction
  2. Crime as Drama
  3. Justice as Theatre
  4. “Redeeming time”: The Dramatization of Desistence in 1 Henry IV
  5. “More than a prison”: The Transformation of Deviance in The Tempest
  6. Outsiders and Anomie in Shakespeare: Richard, Aaron, Shylock, Caliban
  7. Hate Crimes in The Merchant of Venice: Folk Devils and Scapegoats
  8. The Criminal Act: Exceptionality and Theatricality in Revenge Tragedy
  9. Righteous Slaughter: Honor and Revenge in Titus Andronicus
  10. The Culture of Honor in Titus Andronicus: Rape, Racism, and Revenge
  11. “When evil deeds have their permissive pass”: Broken Windows in Measure for Measure
  12. Shakespearean Due Process: Detection, Delay, and the Death Penalty in Hamlet
  13. “A daggar of the mind”: Mental Illness, Masculinity, and Murder in Macbeth
  14. The Family of the Victim in Shakespearean Tragedy: Two Kinds of Madness
  15. Criminal Justice as Tragedy
  16. Criminal Justice as Comedy
  17. Criminal Justice as Tragicomedy