Two "Stigma in Shakespeare" talks at MLA 2020

May 25, 2019

"Shax’s Invention of Stigma: Richard’s Deformity, Aaron’s Race, Faulconbridge’s Bastardy”
(Representing the Other in Medieval and Early Modern Drama)

The fusion of comedy and tragedy in the Vice allowed English dramatists before Shakespeare to capture the complexity of sin and evil, alluring in the carnal pleasure they provide, disgusting in the social harm they cause. After adapting the Vice to structure his depiction of Richard III’s deformity, Shakespeare returned to it in the following years to depict Aaron the Moor’s black skin and Philip Faulconbridge’s bastard birth...

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“Strategic Presentism” at MLA

January 6, 2018

I am looking forward to taking part in a roundtable titled “Strategic Presentism” at the 2018 MLA convention in New York.

Session 468. Strategic Presentism


Presentism has often been the name for an intellectual mistake, but intervening in the present has also been one of the most urgent aims of a political criticism. This roundtable asks how and whether literary studies should perform a historical literary studies for and in the present. What kind of relation to the...

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